Don't Just Manage Medical Waste - Transform It!

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Beautiful Technology

Green technology approved by the Environmental Protection Agency

See why Mother Nature and the Environmental Protection Agency Approves of the TrinovaMed technology.

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Medical Waste Management the Way Nature Intended

Beautiful Solutions to Manage Regulated Medical Waste

Introducing the TRINOVAMED Monarch Green Machine - Innovation the way nature intended.

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How the TrinovaMed Clean, Green Technology Works

Transform dangerous, hazardius medical waste into something beautiful, benign and beneficial.

Turn ugly hazardous medical waste into something benign, beneficial - beautiful

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Medical Waste Management the Way Nature Intended

Soultions for a better, cleaner world

The waste management solution mother nature intended.  It's environmentally friendly, landfill friendly, people friendly. A green, clean, medical waste-taming machine…

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Beast to Beauty

A Beautiful Solution to an Ugly problem

Innovations in Medical Waste Management

What if? Two small words filled with such possibility, two small words that have launched a million dreams and inspired innovations large and small, two small words that have the power to fundamentally change the way we think.  So seven years ago when a small group of visionaries, innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs got together to ask the question “what if?” – they challenged one another to imagine a process that would transform hazardous medical waste into a benign, beneficial and even – beautiful material.

That challenge was the beginning of Trinova Medical Waste Solutions – and a revolution in Regulated Medical Waste (RMW).  Today TrinovaMed offers the only solution in RWM that is green, clean, safe, effective and affordable.

We invite you to take a deeper look into the TrinovaMed technology and explore how our solution is perfect for your facility, your staff and your community.  Then ask yourself “what if?”

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A Greener, Cleaner Idea in Waste Management

A better way to manage medical waste -  It's green, it's clean, it's people friendly, it's earth friendly - now that's beautiful!


Safe and Effective Solutions for Medical Waste Management

It’s Safe & Effective - The proprietary sanitizing process delivers a completely safe inert material that can be disposed of in the regular trash pick-up – no special HAZMAT, bunny-suit clad disposal.

Now there is no need to sacrifice effectiveness for the environment.  TrinovaMed green clean technology that works!

Clean, Green and Easy to Afford

Affordable - Surprisingly competitive pricing to the dirty old technology.  Plus it saves bio-fuels and their associated costs and the cost of special handling.  It improves labor efficiency by reducing waste handling and old technology “waiting time”.  Now the smart thing to do is also the affordable solution.

Learn More About TrinovaMed

Call us toll free @ 800-787-1704.  Please explore our site, participate in discussions, follow us on twitter and learn how you can have a positive impact on the environment.